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 BBC - The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide

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Location : Kragujevac
Datum upisa : 04.01.2008

PočaljiNaslov: BBC - The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide   Ned 13 Apr 2008 - 0:07

Episode 01 - Life in the Cosmos
Are we alone or is there other life out there? In this programme we meet the alien hunters, who spend their time tracking down life in the Cosmos. Some of them are looking for incredibly primitive life really close at hand. And others are looking for something you could talk to.

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Episode 02 - Building the universe
We reveal all about the universe: how it, and everything in it, came into being and the huge new experiments currently being done to investigate it.

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Episode 03 - Seeing the universe
Most of what we know about the universe, from its age to its size to how it began in a Big Bang, has been found out through telescopes. But how far out into space and back into time is it possible to see?

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Episode 04 - Space exploration
The human race has harboured a deep fascination for the Cosmos for thousands of years. But the technology to escape the confines of our planet and explore the Solar System has only been with us for fifty years. In this great adventure we’ve sent probes to other worlds, inhabited space stations in Earth orbit and put men on the Moon. But what is happening at the cutting edge of space exploration now?

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Episode 05 - Violent universe
Until quite recently the night sky seemed cold and calm and never changing - but not any more. In this programme we’ll show you the dramatic events happening right now, from the edge of the universe to uncomfortably close to home.

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Episode 06 - Other worlds
Finding another Earth outside our solar system would be big news - but there are some surprising discoveries in our very own cosmic backyard. We catch up with some amazing findings in our solar system and beyond and unveil the chances of finding another earth and, possibly, life elsewhere in the Cosmos.

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BBC - The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide
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